Today I answer some questions about Podcast equipment on a budget, and we get some feedback on last week's show about over editing your audio.

There is a program called Feed For All that allows you to create an RSS feed. When I started back in 2005, I had created my website in dreamweaver, and I created my RSS using Feed for all. It was double the work. When I switched to podcast I would go in and edit the website, it automatically updated my RSS feed. WordPress automatically creates your RSS feed. This saved me huge amounts of time, and made life very easy. This is why WordPress Rocks.

Podcasting Answers

Q: My name is is Randy Harkness and I live in Dawsonville Ga. I have listened to logical weight loss for over a year now and found your school of podcasting podcast about 6 months ago. I have wanted to produce a podcast for a couple of years now but didnt know what to do or how to get started. you sop is great for us low budget podcasters (deputy salary) I have looked at epodcast creator. Is it a good program? Hard to use? If not would the Sony acid that you spoke about in an earlier podcast be a better choice?  the podcast that I want to make is similar to but info about the north GA area. Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A: Wow, you are dusting off some cobwebs. I haven't heard “epodcast creator” in a long time. I remember not being very fond of it. It tries to do everything, and ends up doing everything so-so. Your RSS feed will be generated by WordPress, You can use Sony Acid (Free) to created the podcast. Once things get going you can always upgrade to the paid version of Sony Acid Music Studio for $55 Most of my recommendations for equipment can be found at

Listener Comments on Over -Editing your Sound

Last week I shared how I had tweaked and over tweaked the show and Rich Palmer from Audio Gumshoe said that I do not need to tweak the sound so much, and that whatever back ground sound I'm talking about – he doesn't hear it. In other words, people want things to sound natural (not so “broadcast-like).

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