Recording a podcast with an accent can be both intimidating and exciting. If English is your second language (ESL), you may feel nervous about speaking in front of a microphone; however, the ability to reach a worldwide audience is exciting. Today we answer a question from Jacob from the Old Men New Games wants to know if a host has English as a second language (and might mess up a word every now and then). Is that a “No Go, Instant Tune Out” for you?

I think this boils down to accents. My audience shares their thoughts.

You're English is Fine

English is not your first language. You're self-conscious about it. Is your accent turning off your podcast audience?

I have been approached by clients who feel their accent is super heavy, leaving them unlistenable. There is only one problem. They have amplified their accent in their own head. They are perfectly understandable. We are our own worst critics.

Not everyone will listen, but that is true if you speak every word perfectly. As the old saying goes, you can let fear in the car with you, but you can' let it drive. Take control, and let those who need to hear your words hear them. You're not helping anyone with that episode saved to your hard drive.


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