Will You Trust Your Baby With Apple?

Today I explain the continuing issues with Apple (and Google, and Spotify). Your podcast is like a baby. It needs never-ending attention and if there is an issue you need it solved NOW.

I judge a company on how things are handled when they make a mistake (cause we are all human). To have a problem that is ongoing for weeks, I find it hard to believe. I get that podcasting is barely a revenue generator for Apple (as in almost none), but you have to realize that in the same way that the actions of a child reflect on the parents, the actions of an app (AND YOUR BRAND) are a reflection of the app you told people to use to listen to your show.

Bottom line:

It's going to take long (for now) for new episodes to appear in Apple.

Apple is not displaying links properly.

There is currently (May 2021) a bug where duplicate numbers are appearing (I do see where an update is waiting to be installed – fingers crossed). To see any episode numbers you need to follow.

Apple (or Google, Spotify etc) don't put out any public notices. Communication is the lubrication of any relationship. It makes you feel very small and insignificant. That feeling does not make me want to use your subscription service.

Who is going to answer any of the customer tickets when someone can't access their subscription? or loses their password? etc. I don't want them treating my customers the way they've treated me. They owe me an apology.

How Do I Know If I Have An Issue? 

You can use a tool like inoreader.com or feedly.com and input your feed. You should be able to see if your latest episode is there. If the episode is in the reader, but not the podcast app, the app just needs to catch up. See video

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