Spotify Buys the Best and Worst in Podcasting

Spotify bought Gimlet and Anchor. Does this have any effect on “Joe Independent podcaster?” not immediately, but it is a big company, with big pockets, who will spend money to promote podcasting (and that's is a good thing). As for Anchor, I will be making a video to explain the many things wrong with that system in the future. Spotify my want their money back.

She Almost Quit Her Podcast


For nearly two decades, Carolyn Cole was a Fortune 100 and Fortune 200 Senior Company Trial Attorney. In that role, she worked with over 10,000 clients, witnesses, and experts, for over 25,000 collective hours. Today, Carolyn make the case on behalf of your life, business or career dreams – happiness too.

A while ago Carolyn contacted me for some one on one coaching. She was ready to quit. She had heard that the way to have podcast success is to launch with a boatload of episodes, ask people for rating and reviews, and get into New and Noteworthy. She had followed the “recipe” but it hadn't worked and she was ready to quit. I told her not to quit, that podcasting takes time to build up her audience. It's a marathon – not a sprint. She didn't quit.

Check out her show at

In our talk you will hear:

How she almost missed an opportunity with Steve Harvey
How her show and tagline have changed since she started
How she used her podcast to boost her business
How networking with your local chamber of commerce can help you
How 250 Devoted people can work.
How “being small” allows you to do things “bigger” shows don't do.
Behind the scenes of working with larger companies
The Lessons of editing your own stuff
How her audience has changed over the years
Why Millenials should be podcasting
There is no such thing as a “small” podcast
The best and worst parts of podcasting
The book “How to be a Power Connector” help to change her life

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