I attended Podcast Movement last week, and I am busting at the seems to tell you about it. To keep this short, here are my top memories and take always from Podcast movement.

1. The Door Key Was Branded

Yeah, you know the magnetic door key. It had their logo on it. I often lose hotel keys and have to ask for another one. I didn't this week. What a HUGE first impression. I told Dan and Jared that there was so much icing on the Podcast Movement cake that you could not get a bad piece of cake.

2. The Michelangelo Line from Lou Mongello

Lou Mongello is one of my favorite people. Lou is so authentic (you will see a theme here). In his keynote he just kept saying things that made me want to stand up and go “Preach On Lou!” (his talks was on Sunday). He said a line like,  “When people came in to look at a new painting from Michelangelo they didn't go, “Great Painting – What brush did you use?”

3. Ejecting Bad Guests – Jordan Harbinger

Jordan is like a Lioness guarding her cubs when it comes to his show. It's HIS show, and if you try to mess with HIS show he will kick you to the curb. Try to keep pimping your stuff on his show when he explained up front that the pimping (if any) would be done at the show and he will shut down the recorder and send you home. It's HIS show.

4. Aisha Tyler – It's MINE.

This one really hit home with me. How many things are truly 100% YOURS. Aisha has like 37 roles on TV, movies, etc. Yet, she records, edits, tags, uploads, and writes notes for her podcast. Why? She admitted she is an workaholic (transparent), and she said with all of her roles, her podcast is the only thing that is 100% hers. When a listener said she talked too much when interviewing a guest she advised him to get his own show (where he could be a mime for an hour).

5. Great Content – Different Angles

The combination of Lou Mongello (The Dean of Disney) and Aisea Tyler (a fanatic of the F word) was a bit of a whiplash, but it was AWESOME. Why? Because they both were hitting the same topics. Why? Because they are best practices. Don't get in it for the money. Be unique. Follow your heart. Make and learn from your mistakes.

6. Nice Flip Flops – Marc Maron

I'm standing in the Stockyards restaurant and in walks Marc Maron. I felt like I was on his TV show. There he was in cut off jean shorts and flip flops. Marc is Marc. He's authentically Maron. What you see is what you get. What you get is funny. I apologized for him having to be interviewed in Cleveland where the DJ had his staff vomit in the studio (Marc refused to go in the room). He laughed.

7. Embrace Your Audience – Marc Maron

There were tons of podcast “Celebrities” at this event. When Marc walked in, celebrity went to a new level. I felt honored to shake his hand. Later I saw where he took photo after photo with people who know like and trust him.

8. No Recording Devices  – Really Sarah Koenig?

You come to a podcast event and tell us to NOT record you? This left a bad taste in my mouth. It just seemed out of place. It seemed so ….RADIO. Afraid someone might post it to YouTube and you can't do the same presentation over and over? WOW.

9. Pat Flynn – How To Top A Delorean

Pat Flynn did got me. At one point I actually thought the mighty Pat Flynn had lost his place in his presentation. Then an English accent came out of the speakers. I found out later that each time the English voice (inside Pat's head) was created by Pat pressing a button. This was hugely entertaining. Once it was over, and you just realized what you saw, the magnitude of preparation had to be insane.  I once saw the band Genesis. Phil Collins and Chester Thompson did a 15 minute drum solo. Both men were completely 100% in sync. The longer it went on (with the beats getting more complex) the more mind boggling it became. Once it was over, you just kept asking, “How did they do that?” Pat, how did you do that? Pat entered the room with a movie and a Delorean at the New Media Expo.

10. I'm Getting Your Banner – Gary LeLeand

I've always needed a backdrop for my office. Part of the icing of PM15 was the banners outside the doors. They looked awesome. Call me weird, but I really like the one with my name on it. So I asked after the last presentation if I could have the banner with my name on it.  I asked different folks and they had to check some things. Later I was walking down the hallway and there was one of the creators of Podcast movement Gary LeLeand working with the banner. I asked him was he was up to and he said, “Getting your banner, do you have a screw driver on you?” I expected some hired hand to do this, not one of the co-founders. It was important to me, so it was important to them.

Listening to what your audience wants, and giving it to them. That's good old Podcasting 101.

11. A Quick Handshake out the Door – John Lee Dumas

I was watching a keynote on Sunday when I felt a hand on my shoulder, I turned around and there was John Lee Dumas extending his hand. He said, “I'm taking off it was great to see you.” I am a big fan of JLD. He is the energizer bunny of podcasting. His combination of talent, charisma, dedication, and delivery have served him well. He is the poster child of, “It is possible to make money with podcasting.” If I had a nickle for every time someone said the words “John Lee Dumas” at this convention I would be rich as well, John Lee Dumas. I had wanted to hang out with him at the Stockyards, but silly me, there were two additional rooms that I never discovered (and all of my friends apparently were in those rooms). When I was an award winning customer service representative I discovered that its the little things that mean alot – like a handshake out the door.

12. Life is Like a Box of Chocolates – Glenn the Geek

I will be interviewing Glenn next week. Glenn is the man behind www.horseradionetwork.com and while Glenn was not even supposed to talk, he did an impromtu speech on Friday that blew me away. I can't wait to interviewing him, and share his story. He has been podcasting for 8 years, and it is his full time gig. I can't wait for you to meet him.

13. UBER

I went to lunch with David Hooper and Mark Johansen. I was courageous enough to take up Dave's offer to get an uber for us. It was a great experience. Paul Colligan heard me tell him about it, so he sent me a link to get me $20 off my first ride. This proved again that you pay with things in two currencies money or time. It would've cost me an extra 20 to take Uber to the airport, but Paul's coupon took that away and instead of waiting for the shuttle, to then wait for the shuttle to fill up, I got to sleep more.

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1 comment on “Word of Mouth Moments From Podcast Movement
  1. Dot Cannon says:

    This was a completely fantastic conference! That emblem on the wall in lights was fun, sessions were great, and completely agree with you, both on Pat Flynn (I’d love to be able to speak and present half as well as he does!) AND on the “no recording” for Sarah. (Would really love to see one or more of the many INDEPENDENT podcasters on site achieve “star” status, too, as opposed to one backed by a radio staff who did much of her editing, etc. But that’s just me grumbling.)

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