Podcasting News: Spotify and Podcasting?

[ 2:00 ]According to an article, “Spotify was reported to be coming out with its own podcasting platform soon as well to corner a slice of the market. It is yet to be known whether this platform could deliver, but it only goes to show that podcasting has exerted a tremendous influence on the business models of such audio streaming platforms.”

Because of my Podcast: Nick Seuberling

Nick form spnt.tv talks about his first time do a live stream from a location on the fist night of the NFL draft. Nick got to meet Nick Lache from 98 Degrees as he did a live broadcast from his bar in downtown Cincinnati.

Check out the Ben and Nick show where Nick co-hosts a podcast with his young son.

Behind the Scenes of a Podcast Launch.

Clammr is a free app for iOs that enables you to share 18 second clips. You can find out more at www.clammr.com

I'm testing some things, and I'm preparing to launch the Clammrcast. Here are some things I'm looking into.

Questions To Answer:

Why?: Exposure to the School of Podcasting who are looking for exposure
How Often?: To Determine how often, I have to figure out how long it takes to create an episode. Episodes are going to be around 20 minutes, so I should plan on 2 hours.
Ease of Content: The content is created for me, I just read the list
How Will I Know if It's Successful: By people using a special coupon for the SOP

The show took about 45 minutes. I get the list, and using my insane amount of knowledge of Microsoft Office (I've been teaching it for 20+ years) I take the Excel sheet I get from Clammr and turn it into a pdf and show notes. All I do is open the pdf and click the links. I record it live and comment on it.

I have no control over the content.

How Does This Apply to My Overall Goal?

My over all goal is to pay off my student loans and do podcast consulting full time. Does this podcast tie into that? Well it's cost me $32 to buy a font, and it will cost $10 a month for media hosting. That doesn't seem to tie into getting out of debt. So I will watch to see if the coupon gets used, I will wait to see what kind of relationships are formed by doing this podcast. This podcast is outside of the podcast about podcasting and might expose me to a different audience that is unaware of the School of Podcasting

22:30 Podcasting Tips From My Mom

My Mom once pulls me aside, she was in the hospital, and there was a very good chance that she was going to die. She pulled me into her room, and started doing a “Death Bed” speech. When I realized what was happening I almost passed out. In the middle of the talk my Mom said, “You're…..so……..

and then there was an awkward pause

and finally said….


We both laughed (this was a discussion where the seriousness of it was very heavy). It just seemed funny to use such a light funny word.

I am painfully shy at times. This past weekend I was at Wordcamp North Canton, there was a meetup in the morning to mingle and get breakfast. I walked in, didn't recognize anyone, and sat at a table by myself. Some habits die hard. My Mom was telling me I was neat to give me the confidence to go out and share with people. To go out and connect with people. I talk in front of people every day for my job. Yet some days, I revert back to my old shy ways.

So in honor of Mother's Day I am sharing these words with you. YOU ARE NEAT. You are special. You are unique. Nobody is like you. It's time to start your podcast. You can start it, experiment, and try something. If it doesn't work, then scratch it off you bucket list and try another one.

On Fire Podcasts?

I recently did a search in iTunes (working on an article for Podertainment magazine) and saw that there were 25 shows with the phrase “On Fire”. This has been spawned by the success of John Lee Dumas and his Entrepreneur On Fire Podcast. My question for you is, do you think using “On Fire” in your name is marketing genious, or do you feel it's lazy and tired (would it turn you off). Leave me a comment below.

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Owner of the School of Podcasting. Also produces the "Ask the Podcast Coach." He is also the author of the book "More Podcast Money" and is a regular speaker at podcasting and media conventions.
3 comments on “Your Words Can Change the World – Spotify – Meeting Famous Folks
  1. Jonathan Dennison says:

    This episode was a challenging one for me to listen to while driving to work this morning. My mom moved into Hospice today. Your story helped me push past an emotional block in order to write my letter to her to let her know how I feel. It was liberating.
    On a side note, God has been speaking to me through various friends and family, and loudest during a recent journey at Via de Cristo. God had repeatedly said to me, “you need to put your voice out there, and make a difference”. He bit me with the podcasting bug two years ago. And now, he’s pushing me through the door. I am putting together, “Ministry Profiles”. It will be an interview with a leader of a ministry organization, combined with sound bytes and additional interviews with volunteers and those who are being served (a la 99PI). I’m excited to get this ball rolling.

  2. Jonathan, thanks so much for the reply. Its AMAZING the response I had on this episode. If you don’t havea website yet, please contact me (www.schoolofpodcasting.com/contact ) and put quick start in the subject line. We can get you a website, and a free month at the School of Podcasting – Dave

  3. Shane Keeling says:

    Very good. I appreciate your being so honest and real bro! Very encouraging this is what it is all about. Keeping it real…. that is courageous!

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