Today we have a few topics. First, it's a new year! Are you ready? Are you struggling avoiding podfade? I go through a list of things that you might want to make sure you have.

We talk about asking WHY to help you find additional motivation, and to TIME yourself so you can make informed decisions.

Lastly, some people are making bad decisions for their podcasts as a business, and I give some advice on what to watch out for.

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Podcast Pop Quiz

  • Are you in all the apps?
  • Do you have links to at least Apple and Spotify on your site?
  • Do you have business cards?
  • Do you have a domain that is easy to say?
  • Have a way to capture Ideas
  • Do you have an episode in the can or an evergreen idea?
  • Do you have a rate sheet/promo kit?
  • Are you checking your email?
  • Have you updated your copyright in your feed?

Have the Uncomfortable Podcast Talk with Your Co-host

Every year your should touch base with anyone involved with your podcast. Life changes and priorities change, and if your show grows, and money gets involved EVERYTHING changes. Make sure to communicate so everyone knows what is expected and you can go back to making great content.

Don't Sign You Show Over to A Podcast Network With Knowing What You're Doing

We all want more downloads, and when someone comes along and says all the things we want to hear (Top of the charts, tons of downloads, quit your day job etc), be sure to read EVERYTHING that is involved in any kind of network.

  • Ask current members how much their numbers grew after joining the network
  • Who owns the content while you are on the network, the content BEFORE they join the network, and the content if you LEAVE the network
  • Do the shows on the network have a website OUTSIDE of the network?

In one instance a podcaster joined a network, the network fired them from their show, hired two new hosts, and carried. The podcasters had no idea they had signed their whole brand over to the network. Sure, we all want the pros of a network but walk through the “What if things go bad” scenario.


Podcast Coach In Your Pocket00:00:00 – Introduction

00:00:19 – Opening

00:01:03 – Neil Wants To Sponsor Your Show

00:09:47 – Check Your Email

00:11:24 – Keep Asking Why

00:12:54 – Example: My Whys

00:18:26 – Making Informed Decisions

00:19:27 – Why Podcasting Is Hard

00:20:34 – Join the School of Podcasting 

00:21:35 – Giveaway – Enter Today 

00:21:51 – The Uncomfortable Conversation 

00:25:06 – Trevor Got a Recording Style Deal 

00:26:32 – Cohosts Getting Fired 

00:27:35 – Network Deals – Do The Work 

00:36:13 – School of Podcasting Price Increase?

00:37:12 – Check the Gurus Linkedin

00:38:39 – Question of the Month

00:39:39 – Live Appearances

00:40:11 – Time Yourself with Toggl

00:44:59 – Bloopers

00:45:43 – One More Tip

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