Who Will Win the Battle of Paid Podcast Subscriptions?

Apple, Tidycal, My Podcast Reviews, and Podpage have rolled out new features. Today we do the math on paid podcast subscriptions and talk about who will win the war when it comes to paid podcast subscriptions. Let’s take a realistic look at paid podcast subscriptions.

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Podcasting Can Give Your Audience Something They Are Dying To Hear: The Truth

Currently, I think civilization has a serious problem. We are losing the ability to identify the truth. I’m not talking religion, or anything philosophical. I’m talking about doing research, looking at the evidence, and reporting what we find. Today I use the clip of then Donald Trump’s “Very Fine People” press conference. That remark came at 01:07 but the 2-minute mark had him saying, “I’m not talking about the neo Nazi’s or the white nationalists because they should be condemned totally.” Because of hi”s “Very Fine People” clip, Joe Biden said he HAD to run for President. 

Please note I’m not either pro or against Trump. I liked his stance on China but saw MANY stupid things come out of his mouth. This is not about politics. It’s about the media not focusing on delivering the truth, but more interesting in obtaining high ratings. 

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