Common Podcast Mistakes III (and other industry BS)

As someone who works in the podcast space, and spends hours hanging out in the community there are things I see that make me scratch my head. There are EASY things to do that will help you grow your audience.

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Common Podcasting Mistakes That Slow Your Audience Growth

02:28  Get a Domain at Least

It can be through Name Cheap, or Coolerwebsites, but BUY a domain for your show. Yes, its icing on the cake, but isn't icing the best part?

05:20  Bad Clips to Start Your Show

Instead of spending mountains of time to have people jump into the middle of a conversation, why not just tell people why you're excited about a guest?

10:55  The Start of Your Show

Remember Apple has a giant LISTEN button now and people will hear the beginning of your show. Don't blow it with “Music for the sake of nothing” and let them know where they are about to go.

15:54  Follow and Subscribe

You want people to listen more than once. Don't make them find you. Give them links like this:

Follow the Show and Never Miss an Episode on:


17:30  Impulse Actions Based on Emotions

21:19  Your About Page

Figure out what type of website you have, and include any combination of paragraphs about your business, your show, and your hosts.

23:47  Things That May Not Be Accurate

25:56  The #1 Show – (People will say anything – truth be Damned!)

28:31  Congressional Dish Shows Proof

28:48  A Podcast Guru Without a Podcast

Shouldn't your podcast coach have a podcast?

30:04  Monthly Stats

Monthly stats are a great barometer of how your older episodes are doing. They sound better than episode stats (but episode stats are what is used for most sponsors).

33:50  Magic Bullets
I'm sorry. There aren't any.

35:48  Question of the Month


II need your answer by 10/22/21. The question is “How do you feel about hearing a guest's FULL story?” Be sure to mention the name of your show, the website, and a little bit about your show.

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37:03  Dave Grohl The Storyteller – Thumbs Up

39:35  Bloopers

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