Every month we have a “question of the month” and this month it's what are you going to do differently in 2020 with your podcast?

Because of My Podcast

Lee from the Covert Nerd podcast was trying to speak at a panel. He was sensing a little pushback until he mentioned he had a podcast ( and got the speaking gig). He also got some “street cred” from his kids who were impressed the “old guy” was doing something so hip as a podcast.

What Are You Going to Different?

As 2020 is upon us what are you going to try?

Thanks for

The Author inside you

Talk about Talk Podcast

Radiant Fire Podcast

Gather Geeks Podcast

Repurpose Your Career

Uncommon Life

Kids Health 101

Brew Roots Podcast

Games From Folk Tales

What is Stopping You From Starting Your Podcast?

Nobody wants my opinion








Question of the Month

How did you overcome thinking “Nobody would listen to me” thinking or worrying about negative feedback?

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Glow Follow Up

Some of my audience had issues (but to their credit they fixed any issues. In the end, I had 1.06% of my audience went to http://www.schoolofpodcasting.com/glow

So this is why I say some people get UP TO 3% of their audience engaging with their content.

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Table of Contents

00:01:19 Because of My Podcast
00:03:22 What are you going to do differently in 2020
00:04:33 Author Inside You
00:05:25 Talk about Talk
00:06:56 Radio Fire Radio
00:10:04 Gather Geeks Podcast
00:11:28 Repurpose Your Career Podcast
00:14:53 Uncommon Life
00:15:53 Kids Health !01
00:17:02 Brew Roots Podcasts
00:18:47 Games From Folk Tales
00:22:41 What is Stopping You From Starting a Podcast
00:31:06 Feb. Question of the Month
00:32:42 Where I Will Be
00:33:46 Glow .FM Follow Up
00:40:30 Bloopers

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