Glenn “The Geek” Hebert and Jamie Jennings have been doing a ninety-minute daily show Horses in the Morning since 2010. If you listened to the show 24 hours a day it would take you 150 days to listen to all the episodes. That is a HUGE amount of work along with finding sponsors, booking over 6000 guests, facilitating contents and more. Today they share their secrets to longevity while keeping their sanity. Horses in the Morning is part of the Horse Radio Network.

Quick Housekeeping

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Surviving and Thriving After 2500 Episodes

06:54 How Did You Find Each Other?

08:01 Shaping the Concept

10:54 What have you tried that didn't work?

12:29 6000 Guests Over the Years

16:10 Radio vs Podcasting

18:16 Handing Bad Days

20:43 How do you keep finding new content?

24:25 Because of My Podcast Story

25:58 Interacting With Patons

28:19 How Have You Gone This Long and Stayed Sane?

33:43 Glenn Knows Where the Episode is Going

34:41 Bring Your Passion

35:38 Don't Quit on a Bad Day

37:11 Tips for Wanna Be Podcasters

41:25 Bloopers

Main Take-Aways

Glenn and Jamie only promote products that they would use. Consequently, 98.5% of their listeners buy those products.

They use the Patreon account to allow their listeners to get closer (and appear) on the show.

They put hours into show prep and know exactly where the show is going.

They keep trying new things to keep the show fresh.

Some of their best segments “just happened.”

They never talk except on the show so they don't have to recreate conversations in their episodes.

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