Today I share some stats about how audio marketing is growing at an extreme pace. I want to thank traditional radio for being awful and lowering the bar. It's amazing the stats that are coming out showing how more and more people are driving to work alone, hanging out at the gym, waiting for good content to consume. Dr. Nina answered the call, and 10 weeks after starting her “Win the Diet War” podcast she has had 9,000 downloads.

Audio Marketing Stats

97 million Americans drive to work alone

37 million people have gym memberships

Revenue for digital radio is growing faster than any other category

40% of Americans are consuming audio on their smart phones

Advertising Revenue on Pandora streaming Internet Radio has double in a year from 120 million in 2011 to 240 million in 2012

Slate magazine is getting higher advertising rates for their podcast than the printed version.

Source: Crazyegg

Getting to Know Your Audience

When you first start out your should attack any feedback you receive. Email everyone who emails you. Call everyone who calls you. Comment back to anyone who leaves a comment. If you use a tool such a Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, be sure to look at the profiles of those people who follow you. This can give you insights into what interests you and your audience share, insights into resources they may be using (that the rest of you audience may enjoy). By having a better understanding of your audience, you can provide content that will move them, and create a stronger relationship.

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  1. Todd Combs says:

    Hi Dave,
    Great episode…thanks. I am interested in listening to your live “Test” podcast on Saturday’s but in this podcast you said it is 11:00am EST but when I go to it says you are live at 1:30pm EST. Could you please clarify.

    Todd Combs

  2. Hi Dave,

    Thanks for the mention in this episode of your podcast.

    I listen to all of my podcasts when I go to bed on an MP3 player with a pillow speaker, an odd time I know, but it works for me (my circumstances are a little different to most people so this is the best time I get to consume podcasts). So, how surprised was I when my name was suddenly mentioned!

    I’m sure you’re a busy chap, but if you’d like to connect sometime as you intimated that would be great, although timezones could be an issue as I’m over the pond in the UK.

    Excellent podcast, keep up the good work.



  3. Richard,
    ALways love to talk and make friends. Always.


  4. @Dave: So what’s your preferred method of communication?

  5. Email for time shifted ness and speak pipe to use on podcast

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