Behind the Scenes of Podcast Movement Nashville

Podcast Movement Nashville is one of the Podcast Industries' first in-person events. While I'm excited to get in my car and make my way to Nashville, there are those who are nervous about being in crowds, while others have not been cleared to travel. I ask Co-founder Dan Franks how he weathered the storm of 2020, and what he's doing to address the needs of his conference attendees in 2021.

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Interview Topics

01:35 Because of My Podcast
04:14 Check Out
06:25 Behind The Scenes of Podcast Movement
09:41 Why You Want Your Listeners Email
10:42 When in doubt – ASK YOUR AUDIENCE
11:27 Protect Your Integrity
12:26 Who Wants a Hug? Who Doesn't?
13:54 Seating Arrangements
14:38 I'm Restricted From Attending
15:42 How To Ask a Question?
16:40 The Hotel is AMAZING
17:57 Speakers are Being Announced
18:13 Ticket Prices

I'm Switching My Email List Provider

19:58 I'm Moving to Mailerlite

I've been using Sendfox as they have a one payment/Lifetime deal on App Sumo. I've used them for about a year and for the most part, have been happy. They do require you to contact them to do any mass cleanups of your list (and they are very responsive). If you just need a basic site, it's a good deal.

The reason you can manage your own list directly is due to their pricing/business model. You pay once for Sendfox and you can have up to a certain number of subscribers. People abused this by buying email lists, spamming that list, and deleting the list from Sendfox. Then they would add another list to replace the first list, and spam that list (and continue adding and deleting lists). So I understand why the ability to delete people in mass is no longer existent, but (for me) I find it annoying.

In playing with Mailerlite, they have a free version to get going, and I just found the ability to manage my own list (without contacting them) and the ability to dig deeper into my statistics, If you grow your list, their first paid tier starts at $10/month. I've started moving more of my email functions to Mailerlite.

23:13  Are You Using Wix for your Podcast Website?

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34:05 Question of the Month

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34:37 Recommendations

Danny Elfman on Marc Maron‘s WTF Discusses how he always has a tape recorder (today you would use the voice memo on your phone) to catch ideas. (In his case the batman soundtrack on an airplane). LISTEN

David Lee Roth on Joe Rogan (appearance #2). While the first hour is Dave being Dave (and probably a little too high), it's fun watching Joe try to figure out what to do with these eccentric answers. The interview gets really good after an hour and you get some insights into David Lee Roth.

I'm still reading/listening to Tarzan Economics

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Danny Elfman on Marc Maron

David Lee Roth on Joe Rogan

Question of the Month

Tarzan Economics (free book on Audible)

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