Since episode 388 2013, I've been asking my audio what is your ONE FAVORITE podcast (and yes, I know it's hard to pick just one) but more importantly WHY is it your favorite?

Steve Stewart loves the Stacking Benjamins Show

I interview Steve and Mark Deal on 752 about the Podcast Editor Academy

York from Poetic Earthlings likes the Matt Walsh Show show.

Chris Lewis from the Dads with Daughters podcast loves The Real Brian Show.

I interview Brian back on episode 449

Glenn from the Coaching Kids Curling Podcast loves the Dave Chang Show.

If you're a person of color LISTEN TO EPISODE 806

Kim Newlove of the Pharmacists Voice loves the School of Podcasting (especially 779 on Reviews, and 792 when you die)

Louis Goodman of Live the Lawyer loves the Trials of Frank Carson 

Scott Johnson from What Was That Like?? loves the How Sound Podcast.

Neil Scott from Recovery Coast to Coast Loves the Bob Lefsetz Podcast.

Matt Rafferty of the Author Inside You loves the Grand Scheme Snatching Sinatra

Joe Saul Sehy from Stacking Benjamins Show loves the Xbox On

Joe mentioned The E myth book.

Mark Vinet from the History of North America Podcast loves the Book Note Plus show.

Shane Whaley from Spybrary and Tourpreneur loves the “That Record Got Me High” podcast.

Joe loves the Warrior Next Door Podcast.

Bryan Goodwin of the Relaxed Male  loves the Alive and Free show

Anthony Arno of the Route 66 Podcast and the Stemclass Podcast loves the Space Shot Podcast.

Dave from Your Podcast Consultant loves I Hear Things from Tom Webster.


I need your answer before 1/28/22

Picture yourself in a podcast app in front of a podcast you might actually enjoy. Think of this experience and comment on it.
What caught your eye?
Is the description important?
Do you subscribe? or “Cherry Pick” episodes.
Do you ever subscribe/Follow?

As we all want more followers/subscribers (and yes we know most of us find our podcasts via word of mouth), BUT when you're in an app, (I realize this is kind of vague), but what goes through your mind before you press either play or subscribe/follow?

Don't forget to tell us a little bit about your show, and your website address.

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