My friend Ray Ortega hosted another “Podcasters Roundtable” and this episodes theme was “Podcast Pet Peeves.” I was soooo bummed that I couldn't attend ( I did send in some ideas via e-mail and thanks to Ray for reading that).

  1. Wildly varying volume levels. (use a free program called Levelator)
  2. Horrible audio quality – Blog Talk Radio & Talkshoe (use tools like Mixlr or Spreaker to broadcast live)
  3. Excessive mouth noise (which can be remedied by staying hydrated)
  4. Overuse and misuse of profanity, and not labeling your podcast explicit
  5. Not make it simple for your audience, and being vague (i.e. “Find us in iTunes instead of giving a direct link). There is a free tool called “Pretty Link” that makes this simple.
  6. Get to the point. Don't throw away your first 5 minutes. Don't record an hour-long podcast if you have 38 minutes of space
  7. No way to easily contact the podcaster. If you're worried about spam emails, use the cryptx plugin. There is also, and voicemail systems.
  8. Super long sponsor plugs. At least make them live so you don't have to listen to the exact same promo over and over
  9. People who put on a “podcast voice.”  Don't use a persona. You need to instead be yourself.
  10. Apologizing for missing episodes. There is no need to apologize.
  11. If you're going to have a guest on your show, be sure to let your guest know how long they will need to set aside to be on the podcast.
  12. Discussing items that are visual in an audio podcast, or items that distract the audience from the content.
  13. Your podcast description in iTunes tells you nothing about the podcast. (i.e. We're just two dudes talking about nothing..”). Tell people what to expect, and if it applies how people will benefit.
  14. When your guests do not help promote your show.
  15. Your website has an iTunes link but has no RSS feed on your website
  16. Excessive ums due to lack of preparation. Having bullet points can keep you on track.
  17. People who don't treat podcasting like other forms of media (TV, Radio).
  18. People who obsess on the lack of feedback and beg.
  19. People who state they are number 1.
  20. People who call audio on a website a “podcast” (i.e. a Sound cloud player) WATCH VIDEO
  21. Put names to your episodes – not numbers
  22. Using favorite words over and over. We need to listen to your podcast and listen for overused words.

Dave's Podcast  Pet Peeves

  1. The hey I'm Back (letting your audience know you pressed the pause button). Who cares?
  2. Masturbation references – Some information I don't need to know Greg Fitzsimmons
  3. Review of the Review – It's a podcast, if we didn't get it, or need to hear it again we can rewind.
  4. The 12 Days of Christmas Syndrome – When someone goes over a list that was just gone over. Again, there is a rewind button.
  5. Mixing Video in a podcast feed.

New School of Podcasting FM

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Podcasting Success Story

Jason from the Creeper cast explains how he is getting to meet and interview some of his favorite actors and directors. He is also being per sued by movie creators who want his opinion on new movies. He is seen as an influencer. It is another example of the power of the niche. Jason doesn't just do movies. He does horror movies. Not just horror movies, independent horror movies. Check him out at

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Owner of the School of Podcasting. Also produces the "Ask the Podcast Coach." He is also the author of the book "More Podcast Money" and is a regular speaker at podcasting and media conventions.
14 comments on “Making Your Podcast Better
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  2. Billy Delaney says:

    Are you saying it is best to number your podcasts?
    What are the main reasons for doing this?

  3. Billy Delaney says:

    I asked the question before I listened to the podcast. So, sorry… Learning as I go. Soon to be purchasing the equipment I need.

  4. Billy Delaney says:

    Well that was without doubt worth the time.
    I enjoyed all of this podcast.
    Dave, I look forward to learning and working my way through the training you have set up.
    Glad to hear you are packaging the kit needed to get started.
    I will look for that when it and I am ready to really go with this.

  5. Dave Jackson says:

    It makes it easy to identify when referring to an episode. It also makes it easier to find. So if you go to you will come to this page. that makes it easier to remember than

  6. Dave Jackson says:


  7. Dave Jackson says:

    Hope to have that done tomorrow.

  8. Lewis says:

    Listened to your podcast today, good stuff! I want to thank you for taking the time to skype me and also for helping me out with the whole host gator issue a few days back. You truly are the man with the master plan. By the way, I’m guilty for about 65% of your peeves; back to the drawing board it is.

  9. Dave Jackson says:

    No problem Lewis. I’m glad I could help.

  10. Great list, Dave! Now I know what I do in my podcast that annoys you. 😉

    But, actually, that is my point of disagreement: repeating an outline.

    It’s true that listers/viewers can simply rewind, but this is a bit inconvenient for them. Especially if the points they want to review are spread out through the episode. They would have to search to find point 3. Rewinding isn’t always accessible.

    The quick review of the outline keeps it fresh in their minds and more memorable.

    However, this is only necessary when the outline is the core of that episode. For example, “5 ways to make an amazing podcast.” Then it’s helpful to repeat these 5 ways, in no more than bullet-point form. But content like you shared in this episode is more open and flexible, so it _would_ be awkward if it was repeated.

    But nonetheless, I can certainly understand why you generally wouldn’t like the “Twelve Days of Christmas” style of presenting.

  11. Doug says:

    Great episode! I think this is the funniest episode you’ve done and it was still full of helpfull information. You managed to take a subject that could of easily seemed whiny or snooty and made it fun. By the way I was surprised by your impressions/voices they really stood out and made me laugh out loud!

  12. Billy Delaney says:

    Indeed this episode was so good that I listened twice, and will keep it in my phone for future listening. So many things to consider. I am glad to have found such a resource to learn and grow a podcast from.

  13. Speaking of better quality. I recorded a new show yesterday and the quality is horrible. It had been almost a month since my last recording, before the break everything was fine. I am using the same set up. (even at your annoyance) I record directly into garageband on my mac. Here’s what I am hearing now. It sounds like I am walking around the room. You can hear it go from side to side. Then there is the stealy hiss I am getting. I believe that is from setting my compression wrong when I exported it to iTunes. This I can fix. The warbling from side to side. Can’t figure out. Any thoughts?
    using samson go mic (which had never failed me before)
    also have a samson meteor mic, which im not convinced is that great yet.

    If anyone has thoughts, Id love to hear them.

  14. Dave Jackson says:

    My first check would be to see if there are any other microphone plugged in (i.e. the microphone on your webcam). Sometimes the software turns to these other microphones that we forget might even be an option.

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