Today we hear how podcasting is bringing clients to business es that don't even exist, we hear how podcasting is set to potentially doubling Trent Dyrsmid's business. You will hear how you can open doors to networking via podcasting. Today's show is recorded using Sound Byte on my iPad for playing music and sound effects (and the interviews) and then recorded into my Roland R-05

Because of My Podcast … I'm Getting Clients [2:19]

Cecilie Korst of the Trailer Talks Podcast (website), explains how she interviews people who are living creative lives. Her company (Chapelure Media)  hasn't officially launched yet, but her podcast has a graphic at the end of her video podcast and its bringing her clients.

cecilie-copyLast 5 in 5 [4:45]

Here are the last 5 podcasts Cecile listened to:

Radio Lab (science)

The Kira Soltanovich Show (parenting)

Alton Brown Cast (chef from cooking network)

Dinner Party Download (NPR) – Helps you win this weekend's dinner parties

Living Outrageously

Trent Dyrsmid's Says Podcasting is Boosting Sales [8:10]

Trent DyrdsmidTrent produces the Bright Ideas podcast (website) where he talks about entrepreneurship and marketing.

Trent is completely transparent and you can see his 2013 income report on his website. On his report he states, “Focus on creating the most helpful content possible and you will get rewarded for it.”

He doesn't overly promote sponsors and such. His only “commercial” is for his book (The Digital Marketing Handbook). For many episodes, the podcast simply pastes his website.

He produces a weekly show and makes sure to produce content consistently (every Monday), and makes sure there are actionable items in the show.

He runs a mastermind group for entrepreneurs and advises them all to start a podcast to attract new customers. The audience will see you as smart, and so will your customers.

His podcast (through his guest) is his great educational resource at the moment. He takes tons of notes from his interviews.

Marketing 101 For the Person Just Starting in Marketing [20:40]

Trent advises that you figure out who your audience is. You can contact people and ask people in the niche to be interviewed for a report. Ask them about their pains, insights, etc.

This helps you build relationships for future contacts. When in doubt just talk to your potential audience.

Your podcast can be a great first impression for people who are seeking you out. Your podcast can help solved the problems that were discovered when you did the interviews.

You don't need to know everything – you just need to know more than your audience.

You can learn a lot about your audience through a twitter search, finding people who are writing about your topic and  follow them (and ask them who to follow and what they read).

On Writing His Book The Digital Marketing Handbook [28:32]

He manage to write his book in about 40 hours by talking his book. He used a great tool for book writing called Scrivener ($40 for PC and Mac). It is NOT re-purposed blog content. He also created some videos to help explain the topics in the book.

Publishing His Podcast [34:00]

Trent puts in about 7 more minutes than his podcast. He records the interview and publishes as is. He records into a Roland R-05 portable recorder and uses a Heil PR40 Microphone and pops out the SD card and pulls it into Garagband on his Macintosh computer. He then tags his files with ID3 Tage Editor and uses the stats (he uses Amazon S3 for media hosting).

You can see how long a person has listened to a podcast via Stitcher stats.

People were happy to purchase his products, and thanked him for selling it him.

ALWAYS have more than one device recording your show. It happened to everyone eventually that you will need to use the backup person.

Quality Living Made Easy Podcast [46:25]Quality-Living-Made-Simple

I was on episode 43 of the Quality Living Made Easy podcast with Josh Rivers who is the Author of the Book Leave Nothing Undone (a great – short – $2.99 read).  The goal of the podcast is to examine what it means to have a quality life and to share simple things to help achieve such a life. You can find it at

In the episode we talk about how I balance my crazy podcasting life. I explain to Josh how I live a life basedo n constant improvement. That if you don't constantly look to improve (in a technology based world) you will get left behind, and miss an opportunity to grow.

To have Dave appear on your show go to my contact page. 

Choosing a Media Host [51:00]

1. You want unlimited storage so you can have a large back catalog

2. You want unlimited bandwidth so you can 10, or 10,000,000 downloads

3. You want stats so you can see whats popular and what's not. I prefer to also see where my audience is coming from, and how they are consuming it

4. I want a fee that I can budget. Not a fee that changes based on the number of downloads

5. I want the ability to leave if I want to.

6. A support staff to help me if I have questions

There are two companies that I recommend. One is (which is what this podcast uses) and the other is both meet all the criteria. Use the coupon code sopfree when signing up at

Companies like Podomatic restrict your storage, bandwidth, and make it impossible to leave.

You DO Have the Money to Podcast [1:00]

I'm tried of hearing people saying they can't find the money to do podcasting right. That eliminates the hassles, and mistakes that people who are trying to save less than $1 a day . Isn't you sanity worth more than $1 a day?

Podcasting IncomeI used to spend $1.50 5 days a week on Mountain Dew at my job. That's $30 a month.

If you spend $3.75 for Frapocino at starbucks that's $3.75 a day or $17 a week, or $70 a month (five days a week)

If you go to the movies with someone that's $22 on tickets, $28 on popcorn and a drink. That's $50 for 2 hours of entertainment. yet we won't spend $30 for a MONTHS worth of podcasting resources. The movie we saw was “Grudge match” with Sylvestor Satlone and Robert Deniro. It was not worth the $11 I paid (I had won a free ticket).

We say we don't have time to eat at home (where it's cheaper) but last night I took my family out to Longhorn Steak house where we waited 40 minutes for a table, got seated eight next to the obnoxiously loud kitchen and waited, and waited, and waited for refills, and my step son's got his fires about five minutes before we left. That was not a great value for the $65 we spent.

Podcasting brings you exposure to the world, and will allow you to find people who think like you do. Would you like more friend? Would you like more business? Would you like to quit wasting your money? Take some time and go through the courses we have to offer and create engaging content that will move people and will help you build a relationship with them. That you can leverage (if you want to) into money. It won't happen overnight (Trent has been podcasting for over 2 years). When it's done correctly it does work. Join Today.


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