The 5 Questions You Should Ask Before Starting a Podcast (and maybe a sixth)

Thinking of Starting a Podcast?

Podcasts are like Lay's potato chips (you can't have just one). Once you start one, Getting the itch to start a second is something people are thinking about. With this in mind, we look at questions you should ask before starting a podcast your first, second, third… podcast.

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Podcasters Pondering a Second Show

Kim Newlove of the Pharmacist's Voice is considering doing a local show about Perrysburg Ohio.

Dr. Brad Miller of the Overcoming Adversity show has launched Santa Clause Says Podcast.

Mark Vinet of the History of North America show is mixing in his historical fiction books (for me I would put these in their own show, and promote them in his first show).

Matt Rafferty of the Author Inside You is thinking of doing a local show that interviews local businesses.

Dave Jackson (me) is bringing back a show with a new format at

5 Questions You Should Answer When Starting Your Podcast

  1. Why are you starting a podcast?

Potential Answers include:

  • To be seen as an expert
  • To reach a global audience
  • To promote a product or service (marketing)
  • To find like-minded people (build community)
  • For the fun of it
  • Cheap therapy

2. Is this a passion project or a business?

I was a musician. I was never moving to Nashville, so this was a hobby, but it was a serious hobby. Some people will get offended by the word hobby. How about we say it is a “passion project.”

If you plan on making money, you're going to need a product or service that you provide or other products and services you can promote. If the goal is advertising, depending on how niche you are, less than 10% of podcasters get enough downloads per episode to grab the attention of advertisers.

3. Who is your audience?

Is this a podcast for people to be more confident?

How about a more confident parent?

How about a more confident first-time parent?

How about a more confident first-time, interracial parent?

If you don't know who your audience is, then how do you know what they want? We talked about picking a niche in this episode.

4. What do they want to hear? (Why will they listen to your podcast?)

I have strategies to help you find your audience and avoid “guessing” what they want, so you speed up the pace of growing your audience. This is a tough question to answer so keep that in mind. Some people put it as a radio station WIFM (what's in it for me?).

5. How will you gauge your success?

By downloads?

By Sales?

By Awareness?

By How You Feel?

If you can answer these questions, you have a clear idea of where you're going

(Bonus) What will you stop doing to find the time to do this show?

Often when we start a second podcast we realize that the “launch” is now easier, but growing your show still takes time. So the “bonus” question is, “What are you going to stop doing to find the time to create and market your show?”

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