Hey there, fellow podcasters! I'm Dave Jackson and welcome to another episode of the School of Podcasting, where we breathe life into your podcasting journey. Today's lesson is close to my heart: “Strategies for Staying Motivated.”

We all know the drill — some days, you're on top of the world, ready to share your voice with the masses; other times, the mic might as well be a ten-ton weight. But don't fret; I'm right there with you, and together, we will conquer those podcasting blues.

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The Three Things Podcasters Need

Health: If you don't have your health, your mindset goes in the toilet as you don't want to podcast.

Mindset/Attitude: You lose the will to podcast without the proper mindset.

Support: If your family and friends aren't supportive and nag you about the time you spend podcasting, that will degrade your mindset. If you take on the “I'll sleep when I'm dead,” people sacrifice sleeping, etc, and that then leads to them getting sick, etc.

Timeline and Topic

00:00:05 – Applegedon
00:00:49 – Opening
00:01:24 – You Didn't Lose Your Audience
00:02:01 – You NEED to KNOW your WHY
00:04:24 – 10 Second Tangent: Yourpodcastwebsite.com
00:05:20 – What Affects Your Download?
00:07:10 – How Much I Lost
00:09:19 – Be Sure to Get Feedback
00:09:50 – Do You Enjoy The Process?
00:11:10 – Not Everybody Has to Be a Pro
00:12:39 – Do You Enjoy The Process?
00:14:52 – One Way To Stay Motived
00:16:54 – Another Reason To Hate WordPress
00:17:51 – Community Can Help If You Have the Time
00:18:10 – The WHY is Super Important
00:18:47 – Join the School of Podcasting
00:19:49 – Dave's Favorite 15-Second Ad
00:20:07 – Motivation Destroyer 1: Comparisons
00:23:00 – Average Downloads From Libsyn
00:24:13 – Are You Asking For Your Why?
00:25:48 – Motivation Destroyer 2: Trolls
00:26:23 – Podgagement: Dave Reads 1 Star reviews
00:29:03 – Marc Maron on Trolls
00:29:48 – #1 Rule For Trolls
00:32:53 – Rick Beato on Trolls
00:34:00 – Don't Lose Your Perspective
00:34:31 – Money Changes Everything
00:36:18 – Save the Positive Comments
00:37:04 – Motivation Destroyer: Bad Health
00:38:28 – The Three Things You Need to Be Successful
00:40:03 – Deciding To Stop Doing a Show
00:42:34 – Having Too Many Podcasts
00:44:47 – Question of the Month
00:45:13 – Where Will I Be
00:47:57 – Bloopers

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