What Makes This Podcast Great? Jordan Harbinger Edition

While you can learn from other people's mistakes, you can also learn from other's successes. Jordan Harbinger has been on the show multiple times. He first shared what was working for him back on episode 402 and he had left his career as a lawyer. He was uber transparent on episode 618 on starting his new show.

When I heard episode 540 of the Jordan Harbinger Show, I had to reach out to Jordan and say how awesome it was. As I looked at the show/episode deeper (and his website) there are a ton of strategies to learn from.

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Lessons Learned

  • Jordan promotes what you missed, and let's you know what's coming.
  • His opening tease made me want to hear more without “spoiling” the episode. His fluid transition of his guest left me (again) wanting to hear more.
  • Jordan has created starter packs to get new listeners to the best stuff quickly.
  • Jordan does the work. He reads the book, watches the movie, etc. He does the research for his guest, and consequently asks the best questions that lead to great stories.
  • His guest had a great story AND could tell it. (Example, actors are skilled at reading other people's words and may not be a great interview).
  • He makes points by sharing insights into his life.
  • He put his sponsors in the episode AND on his “Deals” page. This (probably) results in more sales, and makes it easy to share
  • He explains WHY you should go to his website.
  • He has blog posts that are long (to attract Google) and are very well written. These also have links to his episodes. HE can then mention this on his episodes which is another reason to check out the website.
  • While his primary income is sponsors, he also has a page of all the books from his guests (which use affiliate links). Remember, pennies make dollars.
  • You get to know him based on his entertainment recommendations.

Findability vs Discoverability

I wrote an article 5 Ways To Get Your Podcast Discovered some people took to Twitter to say I was wrong. One person was Tanner Cambell from Real Talk Podcasting. He explained how:

Findability: How easy it is for someone to locate known data, information, or knowledge using search or browse?

Example: Googling “Golf Podcast.”

Discoverability: How easy is it for someone to encounter information or knowledge that was not explicitly sought out?

Example: Pandora suggesting songs based on your feedback. Amazon suggesting products. Netflix suggesting shows based on your feedback.

After an uncomfortable discussion, I realize I was confusing the two.

For me, my friends are my discoverability system. They know what I would enjoy and recommend podcasts for me to listen to that I may not have heard about.

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