Every year I ask my audience:

1. What is their favorite podcast

2. Why is it their favorite?

I also want to know about their podcast if they have one, and where we can find these shows.

Time Table:

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[00:01:13] Focusrite Scarlet Interfaces

[00:05:00] Emily Prokop from The Story Behind (and others) loves The Office Ladies

[00:07:23] Scott Johnson from What Was That Like? also loves The Office Ladies

[00:10:59] Randy Cantrell loves Architecture Design and Photography

[00:12:23] Joan Wheeler from the Culture Rich Podcast loves Too Beautiful to Live

[00:14:00] Arnie Chapman from the Football History Dude loves Fantasy Footballers Podcast

[00:15:52] Clayton Allen from theDay Trading Plumber loves the Gary V Audio Experience

[00:18:06] Charles McFall from Breaking the Panel loves 143 Pixels

[00:20:57] Ed Sullivan from the Snack Authority love the Podcast Engineering Show

[00:22:00] Chris Curran the Podcast Engineering Show love the Jordan B Peterson Show

[00:23:43] Clay Groves from the Fish Nerds podcast (hear my interview with Clay)  loves the Time Suck Podcast

[00:25:31 ]Donald Winn from Soldiers Stories Podcast loves the Jocko Podcast

[00:27:21] Fred Castenda from the Podcast Reporter loves the No Agenda Show

[00:28:58] Terry Norda from Discovering America loves World War II Podcast

[00:32:13] Daniel J Lewis from The Audacity to Podcast loves the That Story Show (formerly Nobody's listening)

[00:35:57] Kim Kracji from Toastmasters 101 loves the Speak Up Storytelling podcast ( I did an episode about this )

[00:38:47] Wayne Henderson from the Packers Fan Podcast loves the Sci-fi Christian Podcast

[00:42:13] Jennifer Longworth of Bourbon Barrel Podcasting loves Sleep with Me Podcast

[00:43:28 ]Jason Bryant from Mat Talk Online loves the Minnesota Beercast

[00:46:39 ]The Rafferties (Leah and Matt)  from the Author inside You loves the American Elections Wicked Game and Tellich Talks

[00:47:55 ]Seth from Geekville Radio loves Rebel Force Radio

[00:50:25] York from Poetic Earthlings loves The Overwhelmed Brain

[00:51:38] Shane Whaley the Tourpreneur loves Mad Money Podcast

[00:53:33] Veronica Hugger of Fat Loss Success Stories loves Exactly Enough Time

[00:54:52] Steve Stewart from Podcast Editors Conference the loves the Stacking Benjamins podcast.

[00:57:01 ]Timothy Brien from Podwrecked loves Verge of the Dude

[00:58:20] Troy Price (his wife) from Podcast Tips from the Front Porch loves Splendid Table

[01:00:04] Dave Jackson's Favorite is the Bandrew Says Podcast

[01:01:50] Where am I going?

[01:02:43] January Question of the Month

[01:04:14 ]Bloopers

[01:05:20 ]Easter Egg

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